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Artisan gelato course

Don’t lose this opportunity, an Artisan Gelato full immersion course in English. Learn how to make a real artisan gelato without the use of industrial products, colourants or artificial aromas, but only with raw materials like the traditional Italian gelato.

Our gelato Masters will teach you all the secrets to make a real gelato starting from the basic raw materials and many other products to build unrivalled recipes, such as semifreddos, fruit and cream variegatos, crunchy, praline, crumble and much more. Open your artisan ice cream shop by entrusting to professional experts in the field with work experience all over the world.

Calendar 2020 – Courses in English

Price: 2.500,00 EURO

At the end of the course our company Gerogelato will issue a certificate of participation to every participant.

Do not miss this opportunity and sign up now!
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artisan gelato course
Program of the course:

The different types of ice cream:
Difference between industrial ice cream, ice cream and gelato

Study of the raw:
Presentation and proper use of the main raw materials used in the traditional and modern gelato parlour.

The solids of gelato:
Proteins, fat, sugars and carbohydrates

The main sugars:
Sugars used in gelato and their function in a mixture of gelato.

Cryoscopy point:
Calculation of cryoscopy point of the gelato solution.

Balancing techniques:
Studio and balance of sugars, fats, proteins, solids, Pac, and pod.

The gelatos family and their balancing:
White creams, egg creams yoghurt creams, chocolate creams, dry fruits creams, sorbets and cremes with fruit, flowers, spices, and herbal sorbets and cremes, alcohol sorbets and creams, salt sorbets and creams, low-fat gelato creams and sorbets.

The Bases:
Study and formulation of the various types of bases the white base, chocolate base, cream base and fruit base for processing of gelato.

Creams and Sorbets:

Introduction to formulation of different recipes made with milk and with water, the difference between sorbet and crème.

The phases of the gelato:
Pasteurization, maturation, production, ultra-freezing and maintenance.

Study of gelato machines:
Introduction to the use of the gelato machine, the batch freezer, the pasteurizer, and the blast chillers.

Practice production of all the recipes developed during the course.

The variegatos:
Practice production of various types of variegatos of fruit, chocolates, and dry fruit.

The semifreddi:

Production of various types of mousse, bavaresi and cakes  for the ice cream shop

How to manage a gelateria shop:
Fix and variable cost calculation, calculation of materials properties and furniture, sales forecast, return on investment, sales strategies, and exploitation of human resources.

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